Get More Bang for Your Buck with a Luxury Pre-Owned Car

You’ve had your sights set on a luxury car for a long time, and dagnabbit, you’re not starting 2018 without one! We are all for starting the new year off with a bold statement, like waving hello to the family on New Year’s Day behind the wheel of your new dream car. But these wonderful plans are known to crash hard against the rough rocks of reality. With holiday shopping taking a toll on everyone’s wallets, those dashed hopes are more prevalent than ever. But have no fear, Lyon-Waugh Auto Group is here to help. Looking at the price tag on your dream automobile can be discouraging. So stop looking at it! Instead, head into our dealership here in Peabody, MA and take a look at our wide selection of luxury pre-owned cars

Everything is more expensive on a new car, from the purchase price, to the sales tax, to the cost of available features. And the toughest pill to swallow when it comes to new cars is how quickly they depreciate in value. In those first few years, the price drops drastically from what the car was worth when it was sitting on the lot. Coming in after that depreciation has occurred means you get a vehicle where the price has fallen drastically, but the quality has not. Cars are built to last longer than ever before, which means when you buy a luxury pre-owned vehicle, you’ve got years of smooth sailing behind the wheel of your dream car ahead of you. And all of those available features you were crunching the numbers on? Find a vehicle that has them included already, and once again, you’re paying a fraction of what they were worth new.

We don’t sell a car you can’t rely on here at Lyon-Waugh Auto Group, but for that above-and-beyond seal of approval, be sure to check out our selection of more than 200 luxury certified pre-owned cars. And be sure to check out this great article from Car and Driver to get more insight on whether a pre-owned car is right for you. 
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