Identifying Audi Warning Lights

Nobody likes to have a warning light flash on their Audi dashboard while driving, especially when they see a warning light with which they are not familiar. We all know, for example, that the “BRAKE” light will remain on if we have not released the emergency brake in any new or pre-owned Audi automobile, and we also know that the little person icon with the seatbelt across its lap means we need to get ourselves buckled immediately.

Some of these warning lights are a little less obvious, however, so we thought we would take a minute to let Lyon Waugh Auto Group customers know the meanings of some rarer warning lights that can flash on Audi vehicles:
  • Steering Wheel with an Exclamation Point – This means the power steering may have failed and you should not continue driving.
  • Key – Something is wrong with your ignition. Do not turn the car off because it might not turn back on. Drive directly to your Audi dealership for repairs to avoid paying for a tow.
  • Gear with an Exclamation Point – This means there is a problem with your transmission. You should not continue driving.
  • Car with Beams to Another Car – This means you are following a car too closely and it will not be able to brake automatically if collision is imminent.
  • Triangle with Person or Deer – These are night vision warnings identifying a pedestrian or wild animal.
There are of course several other warning lights that could appear in your luxury cars in New England, but if you want more detailed info about which of them could apply to you. The easiest way to be safe, after all, is to have quick access to determining what a warning light means! 

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