2018 BMW X2 Debuts at Detroit Auto Show

Auto show season is an especially exciting time for Lyon Waugh Auto Group customers, particularly those that enjoy seeing all the updated new releases and insane concept models that typically debut at these events. For example, just last month at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the good people at BMW took the opportunity to show off the new 2018 BMW X2, which really is a beautiful car.

The X-Series BMW SUVs all are famous for their gorgeous aesthetics, but the automaker has been quick to point out that the 2018 BMW X2 is a lot more than just an shortened BMW X1. The door handles and antenna are identical, but beyond that the design elements are unique.

For starters, the BMW X2 is a full 3.2 inches shorter and 2.8 inches lower to the ground than its sibling, which creates different proportions and an entirely different overall profile. Also, the twin-kidney grille is more refined on the new model and the roof pillars also are entirely different.

What both vehicles have in common is their ability to provide customers with the luxury and utility they desire in a crossover that comes in a maneuverable package. When it comes to luxury cars in New England, the crossover is king right now, and the new 2018 BMW X2 undoubtedly is a very good one, especially for those young urbanites for whom the vehicle was specifically designed.

If you would like to take a closer look at this or any other new or pre-owned BMW vehicles available at Lyon Waugh Auto Group dealerships, just give one of them a call or stop by any time so they can get you behind the wheel of an exciting new crossover that only recently made its big debut.

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