Fuel Economy 101

Gas prices tend to go up every summer, but the rate things are going, there’s no telling when or if they’ll return to their previous lows. That has lots of New England drivers warily eyeing the gas gauge and wondering how to economize. Start with these ten tips for better gas mileage, courtesy of Lyon-Waugh Auto Group

  1. Steady speed — with cruise control, when possible — uses less gas than stop-and-go driving
  2. Fast driving means your car has to push more air just to move, so slow down
  3. Clean out your car and remove the roof rack, since extra weight and drag use extra gas
  4. Travel less in winter, since cold cuts down on gas mileage
  5. Be aware that poor alignment or damaged suspension can cause wear and limit fuel economy; have it checked regularly
  6. Parked? Stuck in traffic? Shut off instead of idling
  7. Warming up your car? Cut it out. The car doesn’t need it and you’re just wasting gas
  8. Plan trips carefully so you’re not traveling farther than you have to
  9. Keep proper tire pressure
  10. Maintain your vehicle, changing oil, tires, and filters; worn parts make your engine work harder and less efficiently

Bonus Tip
Many of our clients take pride in their older cars. It takes diligence and discipline to keep older cars or luxury pre-owned cars running, after all. It also takes a lot of financial resources, so at some point, you’re going to want something that’s newer and needs fewer expensive parts and repairs. You’ll benefit from better fuel economy as well due to lighter weight and better engine design.

Some things in life aren’t easy to control, and a rising cost of living is one of them. However, by taking a more proactive approach to things we can control, like car service and our gas mileage, we can at least cushion the blow a bit. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to visit the dealerships of the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group.

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