Time to Winterize Your Luxury Car!

Winter’s just around the corner. That means freezing temperatures in New England, and it also means making sure your car is ready to handle the conditions. Here are some winterizing essentials from Lyon-Waugh Auto Group and our New England luxury car dealerships

Coolant, washer fluid, and oil should all be changed for the winter. Your balance of antifreeze to water, the weight of your oil, and washer fluid that’s less prone to freezing will all save you some headaches in the cold.

All-weather tires are better than summer tires in winter, but they’re not as good as dedicated snow tires. That goes double if those tires are worn. Bald tires don’t grip well, so your car will suffer poor acceleration and handling, and will be more prone to slide. Also be sure to check your tire pressure, since it drops along with the temperature.

Short stopping distances always matter, but they’re even more important when you’re trying to stop on a slick surface. If your car goes into a skid or spin, or needs to come to a stop on a downgrade, bad brakes are bad news. 

Cold weather slows chemical reactions and can prolong battery life. However, warm weather contributes to self-discharge, meaning that a sudden drop in temperature can lead to a car that won’t start, since the battery has to work harder on a cold engine that’s powered by cold fuel and lubed by cold oil. If your battery is old, replace it on or a bit ahead of schedule. 

Get Luxury Car Maintenance
And of course, make sure you’re getting qualified maintenance using OEM parts. Your new MINI car, new Jaguar SUV, or new Audi Sportback will thank you for it. Visit the dealerships of Lyon-Waugh Auto Group for expert luxury vehicle service today!
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