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Getting an oil change is an essential part of car ownership. And here at Lyon-Waugh Auto Group, we’re dedicated to providing uncompromising quality during every service appointment, including routine maintenance and significant repairs. While you may know that your car needs to get an oil change often, you may not know what signs to look out for that your car should get oil service. 

Odd Sounds

While all engines sound different, you should get used to the distinctive noise your engine makes after a short time of driving it. But if you start hearing unpleasant knocking or grinding noises, it could mean your car’s engine needs a fresh supply of oil. 

Reduced Performance

Oil helps your car operate smoothly by lubricating the various metal parts inside. But when this lubrication isn’t at its best due to old oil or a low supply of oil, your car’s acceleration will suffer as a result. 

Poor Efficiency

As your car’s engine struggles to get up to speed due to an insufficient or old supply of oil, you will also notice your car’s efficiency diminishing. You’ll still want to get up to speed in your car, but the engine will have to work harder to do so, burning more fuel in the process. 

Hot Engine Temperature

If your engine needs to work harder due to increased friction, this will also cause the temperature in your engine to rise. So if you notice your temperature gauge showing you a higher figure than normal, a low supply of oil could be to blame. 

Burning Smell

If your car has oil that’s too old or if your oil supply is too low, it can cause your engine to start emitting an unpleasant burning smell. So if you start to notice foul odors come from your engine, your oil is one of the first things you should check. 

For reliable, fast, and quality oil service, schedule your appointment at one of our New England car service centers today! 

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