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?Wheel alignment is one of those tricky things that you can’t always tell is off just by eyeballing it. To ensure each part of your car is working smoothly, be sure to turn to skilled and experienced Lyon-Waugh Auto Group service professionals. Here’s how you can tell if you could use a wheel alignment at our shop. 

What is Wheel Alignment? 

To help you determine if you need a new wheel alignment or not, it helps to understand what wheel alignment means. Put simply, wheel alignment refers to how your tires are oriented. Proper alignment will have your tires all parallel to each other when looking from above and parallel to each other when viewed from the front or back. 

How to Tell You Need Wheel Alignment Service

There are many factors that can affect your wheel alignment, which each can result in different problem signs. Some of the most common signs you need wheel alignment service include: 

  • Your steering wheel tugging to one side or the other 
  • A crooked steering wheel while driving straight
  • Squealing tires while driving
  • Rapid tire wear
  • Tire wear on one side of the tire

Our Service Center

If you suspect your wheels are out of alignment, be sure to schedule a service appointment at one of our New England service centers. Our team will inspect your suspension, tires, and other important parts around your wheels to determine what needs to be addressed. Then, we’ll correct your wheel alignment and ensure your wheels are perfectly positioned for smooth cruising. 

Schedule your service appointment with us today to ensure your car is ready to deliver uncompromising performance. 

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