Even the most fuel-efficient cars from Lyon-Waugh Auto Group can’t overcome bad driving and missed maintenance appointments. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your vehicle always delivers its optimal fuel economy.  

Drive Carefully

Did you know, the way you drive can have a huge impact on your fuel efficiency? Every time you rush to accelerate or slam on the breaks, your fuel economy will suffer.

One of the best ways to help is to stay a safe distance from the traffic on the road. This way, you aren’t constantly accelerating and decelerating.   

Watch Your Speed

Driving at high speeds can diminish your fuel efficiency, especially at speeds over 50 mph. It’s also important to avoid driving over the speed limit.

This isn’t just important for your safety. You want to drive with the flow of traffic to avoid having to constantly adjust your speed. 

Check Your Tire Pressure

Typically, tires should stay between 32 and 36 PSI. If your pressure gets too low, it will increase your tires’ traction with the road which also increases drag. This forces your vehicle to work harder than necessary and use extra fuel.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

When your engine isn’t running efficiently, it will require more energy to power your vehicle and, in turn, more fuel. Routine maintenance is important to keep your engine as efficient as possible.

Make sure to schedule routine oil changes. You also want to make sure to regularly replace your filter too.

Looking to see an improvement in your gas mileage? Start with a visit to our auto service center in Peabody, MA for a maintenance appointment. Trust us, you’ll thank us the next time you fill up!

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