While more and more drivers are being swayed by the perks of owning an electric vehicle, not as many understand how to maintain one. Electric vehicles have different car parts, but it’s still just as important to maintain them regularly at Lyon-Waugh Auto Group.

How Does a Transmission Work?

Your vehicle’s transmission is responsible for moving your vehicle’s engine to its wheels to help propel your vehicle forward (or backward). It controls how much power your vehicle needs, depending on your speed. Vehicles can have either a manual, automatic, or continuous variable transmission. The different types are geared towards different styles and performance. 

What Type of Transmission Does an Electric Vehicle Use?

An electric vehicle does utilize a transmission, but instead of a multi-speed transmission it uses a single-speed option. Since there isn’t engine, an electric vehicle’s transmission is responsible for regulating its electric motor’s performance.

Due to an electric vehicle’s consistent amount of torque, it doesn’t have to shift through multiple gears like an internal combustion engine. Therefore, the energy passes through the transmission almost instantaneously.  

What Type of Maintenance Does a Transmission Need?

Typically, the most common form of transmission maintenance is a transmission fluid change. Your transmission fluid helps keep your parts moving freely, which helps limit excessive heat and friction.

However, not all electric vehicles utilize transmission fluid. We recommend you check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine the maintenance your vehicle needs, as well as a recommended maintenance schedule.

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