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Autumn Car Prep with Lyon-Waugh Auto Group

August isn’t exactly our favorite time of year. It’s hot and sticky, summer’s winding down too quickly, and we’re reminded of all the things that need to be done as the season changes to fall. And here we are, about to put another item on your list: visiting the luxury car service center at your nearest Lyon-Waugh Auto Group dealership. 

We often urge our customers to visit with the change of…
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Accessorize Your Car for Summer!

If you’re one of the millions taking to the highways around New England this year for a vacation or a long weekend, you’re in good company — probably. At Lyon-Waugh Auto Group, we’d rather you arrived at your destination safely and on time, rather than standing by the side of the road in the summer heat waiting for a tow truck. Here’s how to get your car ready for your next summer…
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Time to Stop for Brake Service?

There’s a lot to look forward to during the summer. There’s lovely weather, quality time with family, and plenty of time for road trips. But you won’t be the only one on the road between now and Labor Day, and not all of the luxury cars in New England will be driven by someone as careful as you. Your driving skills and your brakes will both be getting a workout, so a…
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Fuel Economy 101

Gas prices tend to go up every summer, but the rate things are going, there’s no telling when or if they’ll return to their previous lows. That has lots of New England drivers warily eyeing the gas gauge and wondering how to economize. Start with these ten tips for better gas mileage, courtesy of Lyon-Waugh Auto Group

  1. Steady speed — with cruise control, when possible — uses less gas than stop-and-go driving
  2. Fast driving means…
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Understanding Vehicle Safety Ratings

Icy roads, careless drivers, and simple human error can all cause tension behind the wheel, but a safer car can help ease your mind. Better construction and a host of safety features mean that cars are safer now than they’ve ever been, but if you’re looking for the best of the best luxury cars in New England, the dealerships of Lyon-Waugh Auto Group and the safety ratings from agencies like the IIHS and…
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Porsche, Land Rover Models Among Best Interiors

Every year, the good people at WardsAuto put out a list of what they consider to be the ten best interiors in the automotive industry for a given model year, and this year we were very pleased to see two models on the list that are sold at Lyon Waugh Auto Group dealerships. Specifically, the Porsche Panamera and Range Rover Velar were among those vehicles honored by the respected publication.

The Porsche Panamera was the…
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Summer Road Trip Maintenance Checklist

For a lot of schools and universities here in Massachusetts, the month of May marks the end of another year for many families, and that means it’s almost time to hit the open road for the vacations we’ve been looking forward to all year long.

That said, there are a handful of maintenance items to consider before making that drive to Disney World or Niagara Falls. If you are driving your new or…
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How to Know if a Car Battery is Dying

One of the things that our Lyon Waugh Auto Group dealerships can do for drivers is provide them unparalleled service to ensure that their vehicles stay running smoothly and last as long as possible. One of these services is battery replacement, but unfortunately, we too often see vehicles towed in for this service because the owners had no idea it was time to get their battery replaced.

The good news is that there are some…
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Lyon-Waugh Auto Group Welcomes MERCEDES-BENZ OF BURLINGTON to their Family of Dealerships!

Peabody, MA – April 2, 2018 - Lyon-Waugh Auto Group is proud to announce that Mercedes-Benz of Burlington is joining its family of luxury automotive dealerships. 

Warren Waugh (Managing Co-Founder- Lyon-Waugh Auto Group)
“Since opening in 2015, Mercedes-Benz of Burlington has consistently been named a Best of the Best Award winning Mercedes-Benz dealership by setting a standard for overachieving in sales and service satisfaction. This is an exciting addition to our current Lyon-Waugh Auto Group luxury lineup…
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Trading In Your Vehicle at Lyon Waugh Auto Group Dealerships

When it comes time for customers to consider new and certified pre-owned luxury cars in New England, the first step after deciding which vehicle to buy is determining how to come up with the money required to pay for it. Most people who buy cars and SUVs at Lyon Waugh Auto Group dealerships simply finance their purchases, supplemented by whatever they can put down for a down payment. However, there is a great way to…
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